Self-Adhesive & Water-Poof Acoustic Underlays

SmartLay® Innovates All Flooring Solutions

PVC Floor Application


  LVT, Clicking System, PVC Roll

Wooden/ Bamboo Floor Application

Tongue and Groove Joint System, Clicking System, Non-Clicking System

Carpet Application


Broadloom Carpet System, Carpet Tile System

SmartLay® Underlayment (Patent Pending)

     SmartLay® Underlayment is a porous-media & multi-media and sound-proof & anti-vibration product with self-adhesive and water-proof functions. It not only has excellent sound-proof and anti-vibration performance, but also reform the traditional ways of installation, which makes the installation a kind of joy. And thus, SmartLay® Underlayment is a fashion, modern and versatile building material. 

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Rubber Floor Application

  Rubber Sheet, Rubber Roll