Self-Adhesive & Water-Poof Acoustic Underlays

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About Us

      Established in 2002, UniRoll Group put all efforts in to product R&D, manufacture and sales and develop a unique patented product: multi-media acoustic material with advantages as follows: 

  • Multi-Media & Porous-Media Material with Excellent Acoustic Performance 
  • Anti-Vibration & Slip-Resistance of Rubber Material 
  • Easy Installation, Cost-Efficiency 
  • Environmental-Friendly, Odorless, Non-Toxic 
  • Anti-bacteria, Moth Proof 
  • Stable Dimension, Harmonious Thickness 
  • Comfortable Under Foot

      Multi-media Acoustic Material has the best acoustic performance in the world, passing the harshest impact sound improvement test of CSIRO which is a famous acoustic authority in Australia, SGS test and Fire Class Test from Fugro, a Netherlands test authority, etc. Multi-media Acoustic Material is sold globally and earns a very good reputation at home and abroad. However, we never stop and satisfy with this progress.

      Since 2012, UniRoll Group continue and develop a new generation of multi-media acoustic material with self-adhesive and water-proof function, which solves the five problems of traditional acoustic material installation, such as

  • Water-proof Process 
  • Damping Problem 
  • Expansion and Contraction 
  • Installation Problem 
  • Floor Heating System

    It makes the installation a joy of DIY (Do It Yourself). So we call it SmartLay® Underlayment.